Links to other websites

Here are a few links to websites we work with:

Our Weevl Bloggers Corner

Weevil Blogs 


North Tyneside Disability Forum

North Tyneside Disability Forum

North East Pensioners Association

North East Pensioners Association Providing local support on all matters relating to economic & social topics affecting people of a pensionable age. 

Our public information portal

Park View Project has a new website that is now 'searchable' on Google analytis.  We have created this as the main website to interface with all our current and future projects.  

Access to our blog and continue as normal. However, the current  Park View Project: "Social Media for All Seasons" website continues. We are, however, currently working on scaling back some of the functions to acheive easier access to discussion groups (Fireside Groups), which we hope will continue to bloom duirng our 'work in progress'. .  


My Care North Tyneside

This directory provides informationm about both voluntary and commercial services available across North Tyneside. Social/Health Care Services North Tyneside

Reclaim Social Media for the Good

National project working towards increasing opportunities for those promoting social media presence in a postive way Reclaim Social Media for the Good


Turn 2 Us now have a benefit calculator. To access this please go to the following link: Turn 2 Us