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    At the start of World War 1 horses were mainly used in cavalry units. However, as the war progressed, it became clear that horses were incredibly vulnerable to machine guns and artillery fire. The days of the cavalry charge were over!
    On the Western Front...  more
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    ursing and Medicine During World War I
    World War I was a profound event that played an important role in the placement and future advancement of women within the military. It demonstrated that women were not only capable of duties supporting active milita...  more
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    Medical care throughout the First World War was largely the responsibility of the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC). The RAMC’s job was both to maintain the health and fighting strength of the forces in the field and ensure that in the event of sickness or ...  more
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    FANE was established in 2004, is based in Newcastle upon Tyne and the sole purpose of our team is to help adults in the North East of England with learning disabilities to make and keep friends. FANE champions friendship, raising expectations and creating...  more
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    We are a registered Charity with over 35 years experience of providing Autism specific services. Our services include education for children aged 3-19 post 19 education and social/vocational training along with supported and open employment opportuniti...  more
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    Visual Impairment North East (V.I.N.E) is a small independent charity concerned with the overall welfare of visually impaired people.
    Founded in 1984 the members are or have been involved in work connected with visual impairment, such as Opthalmologists, ...  more
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    Ocean Youth Trust is charity which uses Adventure under sail as a personal development opportunity for young people ages 12-25, taking them to sea in our 72-foot yacht John Laing.
    We sail with around 450 young people each year. Roughly two -thirds will b...  more
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    We offer assistance in completing Disability Benefits forms:

    ESA (Employment Support Allowance)
    PIP (Personal Independence Payment)...  more
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    The phoenix detached Youth Project was set up in February 2014 and is a registered charity within the voluntary sector in North Shields. the project works with 13-25 year olds in the five areas Meadowell, East Howdon,Royal Quays and Chirton.
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    Equals is a registered charity, committed to supporting the work of teachers of pupils with profound, multiple and and severe learning difficulties. EQUALS is non-profit making and has to self finance all of its activities. EQUALS have now been offering i...  more