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    The Battle of Verdun, which claimed more than 300,000 lives over the course of 10 months, has left behind a lasting scar across the landscape where the battle once raged.
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    Covers both local and international travel particularly accessible places, hotels, etc.
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    A charity supporting volunteers and mechanics to refurbish bicycles donated by the public. Old bikes are saved from landfill, sold back to the public, parts recycled and some are shipped to Africa for use by health workers for transport.
    The charity supp...  more
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    Tomorrow marks the 75th anniversary of the day when a German bomber crashed in South Shields, killing four Britons and five Germans – and creating an explosion that could be seen and heard all the way to Newcastle and beyond.
    And to mark the occasion, one...  more
  • 7 members led by Bob Dennis
    Providing a space for young people to connect to voluntary & community resources while learning the basic skills of journalism - editing, collecting stories, interviewing, etc.
  • 5 members led by marc froggatt
    With focus on the routines of work, rest and recreation, Senior Curator Paul Cornish describes the typical daily life experienced by soldiers in World War One.
    For the soldiers of the First World War fighting was an exceptional circumstance, rather than t...  more
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    Men ordered to attack – or ‘go over the top’ – had to climb out of their trenches, carrying their weapons and heavy equipment, and move through the enemy's ‘field of fire’ over complex networks of barbed wire, keeping low to the ground for safety. The obj...  more
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    28 June: Franz Ferdinand (Archduke of Austria) is assassinated in Sarajevo.
    28 July: Austria declares war with Serbia.
    1 August: Germany declares war with Russia....  more
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    The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I was over 38 million: there were over 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded, ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history. The total number of deaths includes about 11 mill...  more
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    What was the reality for prisoners of war in World War One? Dr Heather Jones looks beyond the propaganda to consider the facts around prisoner mistreatment, labour and death rates across Europe.
    The image of prisoners behind barbed wire gazing at the came...  more